"We recently moved into our new custom built Stillwater home.  This is the best of four custom homes we have built.  Our working relationship with Robert was great.  He really listens to his clients and was very accommodating during the building process.  Our home turned out to be even better than we had anticipated.  Should the need ever arise to build another home in this area, we would select Stillwater Homes again, without question."

-Tim Krueger

"We had a wonderful experience in building our home with Stillwater Homes.  We’ve been very satisfied with our home and with the schedule Robert gave us.  It was ready when he said it would be for us to move in and our experience of working with Robert was great.  He was able to meet our expectations and custom make our dream home just the way we wanted it even though we changed the original plans many times."

-Edward Gale & Kim Matthews

"We had a couple of hiccups during the build process, but, overall we truly enjoyed our experience. We love our home and working with Robert at Stillwater we got exactly what we wanted inside our budget. Robert is very easy to work with and he has allied himself with some of the best tradesmen in area specifically the electrician, the plumber, and his direct crew.

They were very courteous and wonderful to work with. The quality and size of our home for the price simply could not be matched. It took a little longer to build our home than was projected, but that was largely due to us completely revamping the plans we found to a fully custom job and due to an unbelievably wet summer. I would encourage anyone building a house to be very careful to take time to write out every detail of what they are expecting to be in the house and be so very careful of the costs put in the budget. Overruns are all too easy when building your own home. I would humbly offer that people should expect around 15% to 20% of their total budget to be overages, so plan accordingly. This is not to say that Robert or Stillwater caused any of this. This is simply someone speaking from experience because there will always be some things that will happen that are unexpected. Even when Robert and I did not see eye to eye on some aspects, it was actually pretty easy to iron out the details and come to a compromise that worked fairly well for both parties to his credit. I can't stress enough how important it is to pay attention to details and try to have as much in writing as possible just to keep organization throughout the whole process to help it flow more smoothly. It just helps all parties involved to see things in writing and be sure that the home owner and home builder completely understand each other every step of the way.

Robert went out of his way to help us out when he could and again his crew was great to work with. We went Sedgwick Homes, Schumacher Homes, and two private contractors for pricing and help all to end back up at Stillwater. It was the right choice for us and we are thrilled with the end result. We have a home that is warm, inviting, well-built, and beautiful. We are thankful to Stillwater for helping us achieve this dream at this stage in our lives."

-Chris Pavlansky

"From our first meeting, we knew that Stillwater Homes was our preferred builder.  This was confirmed after doing due diligence and talking with other firms.  Mr. Baldwin has kept us involved every step of the way in planning, preparation, and construction phases.  His flexibility and willingness to let us make changes during the building process was appreciated. Trust, cost and quality were the three elements we were looking for while interviewing potential builders -- we found all three of these characteristics with Stillwater Homes during the entire process. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending this firm to anyone looking to build their new home."


-Brock & Lisa Matthews

"We received a strong value from Stillwater and had a great working relationship with Robert.  Building was a pleasant experience, and we'd be willing do it all over again as our home was exactly what my wife and I expected."

-Mark Pavlansky

"I was very pleased with Stillwater Homes and every aspect of the building process.  I've heard horror stories about building a new home and all the hassles that come along with it, but I can honestly say it was a great experience for us and I credit that to Robert, Juan, and the rest of the crew at Stillwater Homes!  They take your input and suggestions and apply them to every detail of the home, but the things I left to them and their decision, they did beautifully. Anything that I was unsure about, Robert immediately "came to the rescue" and fixed the issue. We could not have been happier with our choice to work with Stillwater homes and if we built again, we would choose them.  They are friendly, affordable, fast, and build great quality homes. We can't say enough good things about them!

I hope you can use this! If you need pictures or anything like that, just let me know!  Thanks!"

-Louella Green

"The Stillwater Home team build a quality home for my family.  If any issues came up they were dealt with promptly and professionally.  Overall our home is well constructed."

-Wayne Dixon

"We are very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of the house that was built for us by Stillwater Homes. The construction process went very smoothly and they made sure that everything was completed according to our specifications. The best part is that they even manged to finish a month a head of schedule. We would definitely recommend Stillwater to anyone looking to build their own home."